the "CAM" of F5J altimeters

Designed solely for F5J style competition, the CAMf5j is the easy to use F5J altimeter. NO programming required. NO computer needed. Just plug it in and fly! And, since it comes from Soaring Circuits, you know it's designed, built and supported right here in the USA. The CAMf5j is approved by the FAI for international F5J competition.

The CAMf5j features a large, bright, easy to read display and heavy duty 22AWG through-hole soldered leads. The dimensions are 29mm x 21mm x 6.5mm and it weighs 9.5 grams. The CAMf5j may be powered by 3.2 to 8.0 volts.

Now available in both FAI and USA versions!
(USA version allows motor restarts as per F5J USA Tour rules)

Note: In the US, CAMf5js are available from Soaring USA, Flight Comp, Aloft Hobbies, Hobby Club and Graves RC Hobbies

Retail price just $59
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Competition Altimeter for Models

Designed for the new 200m altitude limited electric soaring (ALES) format, the CAM is small, light, and easy to install. Just plug it in between your receiver and ESC. That's it! The CAM automatically shuts your motor down at 200 meters or after 30 seconds per the Academy of Model Aeronautics ALES (AMA Event 463) rules. This new competition format promises to put the "soaring" back into electric sailplane contests. Even inexpensive RTF models can compete!

The CAM has selectable cutoff altitudes of 100m, 150m and 200m, and does not require a computer or separate programming device to use. You can easily change the cutoff right at the field. With the CAM you can make multiple climbs to cutoff without having to land. Great for practicing! And, the CAM is designed, built and supported right here in the USA.

TALES CAMs are now available. These units have cutoffs of 60m, 80m and 100m and motor runs of 20 seconds. Contact us for more info.

CAM Installation Diagrams

Retail price, just $39!
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Last Update: January 4th, 2022